Elementary School Religious Education

In an effort to enrich children’s learning and enliven the faith of the family, during the 2018-2019 school year we are switching to a family based faith formation for elementary age children.

The program will provide support to the parents who are the “primary and principal educators,” though two meetings a month.  First meeting is a parent class offered after Sunday mass and before the 6pm Sunday Mass. During the parent meeting time, children may come for childcare with simple lessons on the faith, but most of the lessons will be taught in the home.

The second meeting also around Mass times a couple weeks after first meeting, is a “community” meeting; therefore, children including older sibling will be present for the activities/lessons.  We will be using the Sophia Institute Family of Faith Curriculum.

It is our hope that the sacrifices required of the program will bear fruit in the lives of the families who participate and of those people they encounter. It is also our intent to simplify rather than to complicate families’ already busy schedules by having the program at a time when families are already making the trip to church.

Thank you for your patience and prayers as we transition to this new program. For exact dates of classes, please refer to parish calendar.

For sacramental preparation information please view the Sacraments page. Please contact Lisa Hutchinson if you have any questions or feedback regarding the program.